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FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR 2016 aims to support the growth and development of composites, polyurethane and thermoset composites/engineered plastics markets all over South America. These markets have registered an important increase in the last years and show interesting perspectives for the next years too.


  • Present new solutions in raw materials, auxiliary chemicals, equipment, processes, services and technologies to parts manufacturers
  • Show, to professionals who specify, indicate or buy parts from the most diversified industrial segments, that parts in composites, polyurethane or thermoset composites/engineered plastics have improved technical advantages in relation to other raw materials offered in the market, which allows more productivity and performance gains in parts manufacturing or any kind of building project
  • Honor professionals and companies in the composites, polyurethane or thermoset composites/engineered plastics industries for their new developments and improves, through the Excellence Award and Hall of Fame
  • Enable new knowledge  through areas totally dedicated to training, and parts manufacturing & tests.


2016 News
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  • Water disposal Seminar
  • Mining Seminar
  • Petrol & Gas Seminar
  • Nanotechnoly and Biocomposites Seminar
  • Excellence Award Ceremony – Composites, Polyurethane and Engineered Plastics
  • Trainings
  • Material Tests Area

Special Sessions:


8th November
- Defence & Armouring
- Handcraft
- Railway
- Hybrid Materials

9th November
- Acoustic isolation
- Architecture & Decorating
- Motorcycling
- Shoes
- Models & Prototypes

10th November
- Solar Energy
- Shipbuilding
- Water Supply & Basic Sanitation
- Electric & Electronic

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