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Check out the technologies of the Thermal Insulation Seminar

Abraon, BASF, Purcom, Chemors, Abiquim, Solvay, Honeywell, Covestro, Evonik and Dow will present their new solutions on November 6th during the twelfth edition of the Thermal Insulation Panel, which takes place simultaneously with FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR 2018

The Thermal Insulation Seminar is a technical seminar that aims to showcase new polyurethane technologies for the thermal insulation industry for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. In this seminar the participant had the opportunity to learn about the innovations in raw materials and equipment, as well as to follow a more detailed description of the new legislation.


(Abrava) Good understanding of thermal insulation precpts - Antonio Borsatti - PRESENTATION (soon)

(BASF) Ecological solutions for the thermal insulation Market - Gabriela Martins - PRESENTATION (soon)

(Evonik) Evonik Technologies in the thermal insulation sector - PRESENTATION

(Covestro) Innovation in quick release foams for cooling - Edson Gonsalves - PRESENTATION

(Honeywell) Honeywell Solstice LBA, extremely low GWP blowing agent for food cold chain application - Salvador Mejia - PRESENTATION

(Chemours) Opteon: simpler solution for 141b substitution - Inaise Balestero - PRESENTATION

(Solvay) HFC 365 mfc and its blends with HFC 227ea as substitute products to HCFC 141b - Mario Sérgio Avezú - PRESENTATION

(Purcom) Circular economy in rigid polyurethane - Giuseppe Santanchè - PRESENTATION

(Dow) Versatile and innovative solutions which minimize global warming impact assures superior performance, besides attending market regulations and tendencies - Rennan Mendoza - PRESENTATION

(Abiquim) Polyurethane usage for thermal insulation - Leonardo Censoni - PRESENTATION