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Two tutorials with Scott W. Beckwith in November

SAMPE global technical director, Scott W. Beckwith will deliver training courses on NDT technologies and out-of-autoclave process advances


Non-destructive testing (NDT) (or sometimes called Non-destructive inspection/NDI) are important in determining the health and safety of many composite structural applications. Various materials and structural applications require a variety of NDT technologies to find, locate specifically and fully understand the structural defects in order to determine margins of safety or need for repairs. Some NDT methods are quite simple, yet do not provide sufficient information for critical assessments. Others are more definitive and useful in assessing margins of safety or the ability to direct repairs. This technology course will cover the following topics:

  • What kinds of defects, anomalies or damage are often found in structural composites?
  • What typically are the cause of such defects and the extent of certain damage types?
  • What potential NDT methods are available for use?
    • Visual examination
    • Tap testing
    • Ultrasonic methods (several)
    • Bond test methods
    • Radiographic methods (several)
    • CT Imaging techniques
    • Thermography
    • Laser shearography
    • Metal-specific methods
  • What limits or advantages do each of the above NDT methods possess?
  • What difficulties do bonded interfaces present?
  • How difficult are sandwich structures with foam or various core materials to inspect?
  • How does automating NDT and “inspect-on-the-fly” methods improve manufacturability?