Painel Energia Eólica 2018
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Wind Energy Panel 2018

Debate on the sector, developments in processes and raw materials and market outlook will be the themes of the event

On November 8, 2018, the eighth edition of the Wind Energy Panel will be held in São Paulo, SP, an event that aims to showcase new technical solutions in composites, polyurethane and plastics engineering for the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines, various parts used in power generation wind, and parts for different purposes, but they use wind energy for their operation. Important market aspects will also be addressed in a discussion session and during the lectures.

The event is free for participants, but directed and exclusive to project and project professionals. maintenance of wind turbines, wind turbine engineers, industry experts, universities and entities. research, as well as government representatives


(CPIC) Glass fiber solutions for the wind energy sector - Simone A A Michaut - PRESENTATION

(Abcol) Sika solutions from base to blade - Victor Santos - PRESENTATION (soon)

(Owens Corning) Direction of new winds in the global market - Rafael Regattieri - PRESENTATION

(Alan Harper Composites Brasil) Silicone membrane usage for the manufacturing of wind nacelles - André Antunes - PRESENTATION