Painel Espumas Flexíveis 2018
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Technologies in flexible foams

Know the huge range of applications and technical advances in flexible polyurethane foams

Covestro, Evonik, Purcom, BASF, Abiquim and M.Cassab will present their new solutions, on November 8, during the eleventh edition of the Flexible Foams Panel, which takes place simultaneously with FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR 2018

The Flexible Foams Panel is a technical seminar, with the objective of presenting the new alternatives technology for polyurethane foams used in a variety of furniture and industrial applications. The event is free for participants, but directed and exclusive to professional manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foams, parts manufacturers who apply the polyurethane foam in the segments furniture, and material specifiers of various user industries such as such as automotive, civil construction, electronics, among others.


(Abiquim) Good isocyanate storage and handling practices - Fernanda Porto - PRESENTATION

(MCassab) Production improvement with MCassab technologies - PRESENTATION

(Evonik) Evonik technologies for flexible foam - PRESENTATION (soon)

(Purcom) Circular economy for flexible foam - Gerson Silva - PRESENTATION

(Covestro) A more intelligent usage for carbon gas – Cardyon – Innovation for a sustainable growth - Fernanda de Luca Porto - PRESENTATION

(Univar) Polymeric corants that make the difference - Rubens Tomaz - PRESENTATION

(Hennecke) JFLEX, compact machine concept for continous flexible foam line - Moises Abreu and Mahmoud Karime - PRESENTATION (soon)