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Two tutorials with Scott W. Beckwith in November

SAMPE Global Technical Director, Scott W. Beckwith will offer training in the field of non-destructive testing and out-of-autoclave technology

Considered one of the most renowned specialists in composite technologies worldwide, Scott W. Beckwith, technical director of SAMPE Global (USA), will give two training sessions on November 6 and 8, during Feiplar Composites & Feipur 2018.


Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) technology has been called many things and defined numerous ways. Most of the recent approaches to OOA, regardless of the various terminology used, provides interesting methods toward more rapid, less expensive manufacturing of advanced composites. This tutorial explores “what” some of the OOA approaches are, “why” they are important technology advances, and “how” various advances approach incorporating OOA technologies to advanced composites. This technology tutorial will try to address the following topics:

  • What are some of the various categories and terminology used for “OOA”?
    • OOA, VBO, OVB, NONA, etc.
    • Autoclave aspects – concerns and issues
    • OOA benefits and motivations
    • OOA/VBO prepreg status of technology and motivation
  • What OOA process developments and issues were important to resolve?
    • Resin flow
    • Air evacuation
    • Fiber reinforcement types
    • Permeability
  • Why did “OOA Technology” look at materials as well as process method “options”?
    • VBO/OOA vs. autoclave
    • Tooling and process diagnostics
    • VBO basics and bagging best practices
      • Air removal approach methods
      • Viscosity dynamics
      • Process simulations
  • VBO honeycomb sandwich structures and foaming issues/li>
  • How important has “cure cycles” and various “optimization” technologies become?
    • Cure cycle optimization
    • Manufacturing guidelines
    • Mechanical property data base – what is available?
  • Numerous OOA and VBO applications will be provided to attendees